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Omnio Technologies offer a full range of KVM Matrix Switches and KVM Extenders Kits over IP to unlimited distance over your 1 Gig Local Area Network or over a Wide Area Network using browser based software from anywhere in the world

KVM Switch Matrix solutions: The systems works as KVM Extender kits over IP or as a CPU interface Module & User Interface Modules when used in conjunction with IP management devices or software to form a KVM Matrix system over IP with up to unlimited end points

KVM Extender kits: point to point extension with up to 4K@60Hz resolution to an unlimited distance over a Gig LAN

Chassis based KVM Switches: Single User or Multi User based KVM switches with IP user access over a browser based LAN or WAN

KVM Gateways: Allows IP access to existing KVM switches or computers with no IP facilities over browser based software over a LAN or WAN from anywhere in the World

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