High-performance KVM-over-IPâ„¢ matrix for broadcast professionals

G&D present new matrix and advise broadcast professionals on highly flexible and future-proof KVM installations. 

This year, KVM manufacturers Guntermann & Drunck will again be exhibiting at CABSAT 2019 in Dubai, where they will be presenting their KVM portfolio – including their latest KVM-over-IP™ systems – at stand B4-33, 12 - 14 March 2019. KVM systems play a key role in the broadcast industry since they allow the separation of computers and users. They let users flexibly operate several computers over several, distributed workstations. This results in highly flexible and secure IT installations that can cope with future requirements for expansion.


For the first time this year, G&D present the ControlCenter-IP – a new matrix system for KVM-over-IP™. Compared to the classic matrices, where a proprietary KVM network is set up, the network infrastructure takes over the transport of KVM-over-IP™ packets by using network switches and routers while the ControlCenter-IP contributes the logic. Transmission takes place compressed via CAT cabling or optical fibres via standard IP-based networks on layer 3, with a data transmission rate of 1 Gbit/s per line.


Powerful technology for easy scalability
Being able to use standard network components makes KVM-over-IP™ particularly interesting for TV, movie and post-production experts, because existing IT installations can be scaled more easily, flexibly and cost-effectively. Existing structures can also be used depending on the demands of the application. Almost all components are plug & play devices, making it even easier and more comfortable to operate the system.


Optimum video quality up to real 4K over IP
The new ControlCenter-IP matrix system enables the switching of all connected computer and user modules over IP thus enhancing user-friendliness and flexibility many times over. Now operators can access their computers remotely, yet in real time and at full performance. Combining this central matrix unit with the high-performance IP extenders enables lossless transmission of video signals with resolutions up to 4K at 60 Hz. With the help of versatile IP extenders, you can benefit from a wide range of different video signals and resolutions.


Classis matrix systems for maximum performance and security
In addition to systems for KVM-over-IP™, the KVM manufacturers will also present their classic matrix systems, which have their own unique advantages. Thanks to dedicated connections and proprietary transmission, broadcast professionals have complete control of the medium by being able to use the maximum bandwidth usage while benefitting from the highest possible access security. The classic ControlCenter-Compact matrix, for example, improves the IT infrastructure and harmonizes spatially distributed installations. In order to always be able to offer their customers a fitting solution, G&D recently expanded their portfolio by six new expansion stages of the ControlCenter-Compact. The series is now available in expansion levels providing between 8 and 176 ports, which can be used either as input or as output. The systems are available in CAT, fiber and mixed versions. All systems support the lossless transmission of video signals with a resolution of up to 4K at 60 Hz. Thanks to the absolutely reliable video quality of the transmission, computers can be operated without latency.


Visitors can look forward to this and many more highlights on G&D’s CABSAT booth B4-33. More information on this topic is available on www.gdsys.de