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The G&D ePowerSwitch allows the remote power switching of connected devices from any web browser , by RS232 or a KVM switch . With the integrated webserver and the network port the power states of connected devices are monitored and controlled form any distance.

The ePowerSwitch offers numerous usages to control, manage and monitor any device. The configuration of the sockets via the integrated webserver is flexible and comfortable. The sockets are available for nearly any european standards (SCHUKO, FR, UK, CH). The device can be installed as required.  

Each socket can be switched on/off and restarted via IP or RS232 interface. This can be done by the web interface, a KVM switch, SNMP, or any serial interface. They can also be switched single or as individually created group of outlets.

The sequential on and off switching of each outlet prevents resulting peak loads within the IT environment.

The sockets are equipped with extremely robust HiAmp relay for high inrush currents. Individual delays (1-255 seconds when you next switch, 1-3600 seconds when restarting) can be configured for the switching process.

Optional 19″ mounting kit

Key Features

  • Status-LED for all ports
  • RJ45 network socket
  • RS232 socket
  • xBus socket

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G&D ePower Switches
ePowerSwitch EPS 1G R2 - Power switching unit with IP control, 1 inlet (10A) with 1 outlet

ePowerSwitch EPS 4M+ R2 - Power switching unit with IP control, 1 inlet (10A) with 4 outlets. Switching single or multiple outlets.

ePowerSwitch EPS 8M+ R2 - Power switching unit with IP control, 2 inlets (10A) with 4 outlets each. Switching single or multiple outlets.